Cloud Based Practice Guaranteed

It doesn’t often occur to me to talk about this because it’s just a part of what we do. Because it has evolved slowly I sometimes forget how far we’ve come.

However, as I sit here, working from home today I’m reminded again about this flexible, scalable, service oriented system we have built at TEYS Lawyers. And, if you don’t mind, I’d like to brag a little.

About 12 months ago to the day, I started this firm in a small office with a legacy of much bigger operations still within me. I’m used to servers and secretaries, heaps of paper and all the usual complexities of business administration.

However, while we had the turn-on-a-dime flexibility of a smaller start-up firm I thought I’d make the most of it and challenge a few of the norms.

I started with the huge, clunky, loud, frightfully expensive server tower in the corner of the office. Why was that humming monster making so much noise and, frankly, what on earth does it do? It was the first thing to go.

In its place I’ve found the panacea to expensive tech support teams, IT help lines, server downtimes, system crashes, software installs and constant upgrades. And I found it, of all places, in the cloud. Having come from a very traditional mode of business operations, it is truly a breath of very fresh air to have disentangled from a world of technology traps that I never understood or saw value in.

These days, 100% of our operations are hosted in the cloud. Our accounts, our document storage, our emails and even our wiki are all stored online.

From the serenity and productivity of my home office I can access all of my files, communicate with my clients and my team and never feel out of the loop.

Plus, with such access – through my iPad, my laptop and even my phone – my clients are the beneficiaries too. It provides them and I with a real time connection that allows me to respond in a way and in a time frame that, only 12 months ago, would have been impossible.

Plus, with all of our data stored securely online, it gives our clients access to view, change and interact with their case material at any time of day and from wherever they are as well.

But what does this really mean for our business? Well, it’s because of this transparency and this fluidity of communication that we are now able to go out to the market with one of the bravest and most authentic messages that a law firm has ever delivered.

“We guarantee our work. If our clients are not happy with our work, they do not have to pay our fees”

The confidence that we need to stand behind our firm’s output with that sort of guarantee is a confidence that has remained sorely wanting by clients for a long time and we are quite pleased to be able to say it.

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